We’re moving to Tennessee!

Eight months ago: 

Text from Jeff: Should I apply for a 12-month position in Millington TN?

Danielle’s thoughts: Where the ____ is Millington TN?! (Quickly references Google to make sure it isn’t too far away from civilization… Locates it near a large city)

Danielle’s text: Sure

Seven months ago:

Phone call from Jeff: They selected us for the position in Tennessee!

Danielle: Yay! (… I think …)

Ten months ago:

Jeff’s two year period of dwell in the Navy Reserve is ending after coming out of active duty. There’s a chance he could stay in the Reserves until retirement and never be called up, or there’s a chance they could involuntarily activate him tomorrow and send him to someplace like Iraq.


We can start to apply for voluntary mobilizations, in more desirable places than Iraq, and if selected, move somewhere together for 6-12 months. His service would then be followed by another dwell period in which he couldn’t be involuntarily mobilized again.

You can see which option we chose.

We, or at least I, didn’t exactly think we would be selected quite so quickly, or necessarily end up in Tennessee (a Navy base in a land-locked state?!)


The move is upon us, this is real folks!  Outside of travel, and a brief internship near Portland OR, I’ve lived my entire life within a 30-mile radius of Seattle. Am I excited to branch out? Definitely. I’m looking forward to seeing new places and meeting new people. But I’m sure I’ll encounter a variety of things that aren’t even on my Northwest-bred radar.

We will arrive in the Memphis-area in mid-June after a two-plus week cross-country drive from Seattle to Norfolk, VA for a required week at the base. Once we get settled in Tennessee, I look forward to sharing my experiences as a Seattleite residing in the South!




5 thoughts on “We’re moving to Tennessee!

  1. So impressed with your adventure spirit. Enjoy the journey. Looking forward to hearing more about your next chapter of life.
    May our gracious God keep you and Jeff safe as you travel to Tennessee!


  2. Danielle,

    Even though you will still be living at least 12 hours driving distance from us, it would seem that it might be easier to get together than before, but we will see. Regardless, we are happy to have you on this side of the “world” and look forward to seeing you. I pray this adventure turns out to be a great blessing for the two of you.

    God bless you!

    Love, Dan


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